Major Upheaval in Israel?

Will an EARTHQUAKE shake Israel to its foundations and rock the world? Would the destruction of the Western/Wailing Wall and the demolition of the “Dome of the Rock” and Al-Aksa mosques-by an ACT OF GOD-serve further notice that it’s time to build the Temple? The Western Wall would have served its purpose and an earthquake could clear the way for major changes: May the Israelis have a new attitude and act upon it, saying, “Let’s move on up to where we should be praying: in the Temple upon the Temple Mount!”

I believe a miracle-a supernatural disaster (a blessing in disguise)-will take care of the militant Muslim symbols of occupation. I’m not calling for any individual to blow up the mosques! However, if the Israeli government finally gets its act together and decides to exercise Israeli Sovereignty over the Temple Mount, I’d gladly encourage them to restore Judaism’s holiest site to the Jews. After all, this June will mark the 40th anniversary of the initial liberation of the Temple Mount during the Six Day War – a missed opportunity to reclaim the holiest land in the Promised Land of Israel for the People of Israel.

Despite this public record, I’ve been deported from Israel (as reported on the front page of The Jerusalem Post, January 8, 1996) for alleged involvement in a plot to “damage the mosques.” Before my deportation I was held in Jerusalem’s corrupt Russian Compound for three weeks as a politico-religious prisoner. I’m still fighting this injustice and, with God’s help, expect to return and receive Israeli citizenship.

Barry Chamish, in his book, Traitors and Carpetbaggers in the Promised Land, attributes my unjust deportation to an article published in The Traveller magazine in Jerusalem, where I expose a Vatican-German plot to take over the Temple Mount in the Old City for their nefarious purposes.

The Temple is to serve as a national reminder that God’s central to our existence and should be our focal point. It’s understood that the mere presence of a Temple doesn’t necessarily mean that God’s Presence is with us. Twice God’s glory left the Temple and Judah was scattered. To avoid making the same mistake again, we must insure God finds a stable home in our loving hearts and minds-not only welcomed in, but invited to stay (Jer. 31:33).

Will the sacrifices start soon? The Cornerstone get put in place and the Temple rebuilt? And will Europe’s new Antiochus Epiphanes force his way into the Temple and proclaim himself “God”? Supposedly the pope wants Jerusalem to become an “international city”-in reality he plans on making it his cultic headquarters based upon the accursed UN Resolution 181! Who would stand up and oppose this intrusion? Who would denounce this gross violation of Israeli sovereignty? Who would speak out against this folly? “Elijah…” – the chief spokesman between Two Witnesses who will testify from Jerusalem before a world court.


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