8th century old Naranag Temple in KashmirThe Naranag Temple is one of the impo…

8th century old Naranag Temple in Kashmir

The Naranag Temple is one of the important archaeological sites of the country. Naranag, a group of temples, is situated in the lap of Harmukh Mountain about 50 kilometres (31 mi) from Srinagar city. The site consists of a cluster of temples facing each other at a distance of about 100 metres (330 ft). Historians say that the temple is dedicated to Bhagwan Shiv by the 8th-century ruler Lalithdatiya Muktadiya. It is believed that the King Awantivarman paid a visit and donated a pedestal for bathing at Bhutsher. Even today one gets surprised over art and skill of the builders of this temple. Its impressive architecture reveals the glorious past, the magnificent art of the 8th century. The government has only recently constructed walls to protect it from encroachments and nothing else has been done. It is now left in ruins of which only faint traces have survived. This temple has the typical Aryan structure as was present in Aryan Kashmir.

It is also believed to be dedicated to the ancient Nagas. Hence, the name “Naranag”. It was built by the Naga Karkotas, who are said to be Hindu Kashmiri Kayasthas of the Naga sect, known for their reverence of serpents. They used to stay here and do their sadhanas ???? – Sameer Panchal Ji


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