Compiled a list of 15 Places Other Than Puri Where The Lord Of the Universe Resi…

Compiled a list of 15 Places Other Than Puri Where The Lord Of the Universe Resides. #ODISHAGLOBAL brings you an exclusive piece on #Jagannatha temples.

1) Shri Jagannath Temple in Banjara Hills, #Hyderabad is a smaller replica of the main temple in Puri.
2) There are two Jagannath Temples in #Ahmedabad.
The first temple was established about 450 years ago and the second in 2014.
3) #Comilla Jagannath Temple or Jagannath Dev Mandir of Comila dating back to 16th century is the only octagonal shaped temple in Bangladesh.
4) Jagannath Temple or Handial Mandir in the Handilal Village is one of the most beautiful Hindu temples in Northern #Bangladesh.
5) Jagannath Mandir in Sialkot was constructed in 2007 and is one of the most prominent Hindu temples in Pakistan.
6) Jagannath Temple in #Bengaluru was established recently to strengthen the Odia traditions in the city.
7) Shri Jagannath Mandir in #Delhi is a replica of the main Puri temple and is a highly valued symbol of the Odia community in the national capital.
8) Jagannathpur Temple, #Ranchi established in 1691 is a major attraction in the whole of #Jharkhand.
9) Jagannath Temple in Chennai looks spectacular with all its construction from black granite & white marble.
10) Jagannath Bari in #Agartala is famous for its unique architecture.
11) Jagannath Temple in Alwar presents a perfect blend of #Rajasthani & Odia architecture.
12) Jagannatha Perumal Temple in #Tamil_Nadu, the Madhya Jagannath Kshetra is one of the three important Jagannath temples in the world.
13) Jagannath Temple in West Bengal in Mohanpur attracts #tourists as it is believed that the main Jagannath temple of Puri is visible from its peak.
14) Jagannath Temple in #Bokaro is a replica of the main temple in Puri.
15. Jagannath Mandir in Raipur is the first Jagannath Temple in #Chattisgarh established in the year 1860.

There are several other places around the world where Lord Jagannath is worshiped by millions of devotees.

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