The Astral Temple of Light

I will always remember the day that I had the first of many subsequent experiences that would forever change my life.

It seemed at the time as if this incredible shift of consciousness occurred in a matter of months. Now however, I see that it had been building for years and in truth from a Soul perspective it had been building for thousands of lifetimes.

It was due to Karma that I had collected through so many life times that I would meet masters who would guide me to understanding how to access the entrance to an Astral temple where I would be shown the mysteries of the universe and the mind.

Without the assistance of these masters I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I could never have reached this point, however it is with my present understanding that I now see that just as my teachers are bringing knowledge to me now, that I have done so for them in past incarnations.

One hand has fed the other hand and through this reciprocation we have helped each other throughout the ages.

At this present day I am regaining knowledge of all of my past lives and I can now see that perhaps one in one thousand lives was spent with recognition of my true purpose. So many lives have been spent floundering in the illusions of the world, materialism and ego gratifications. I do however mark it as a gift that I could count that one life as one that was spent seeking my true purpose.

It is the curse of this planet’s consciousness that most who are born into physical incarnation will not remember anything from before they were born. We come into this world afresh and all knowledge and memory of the Soul’s journey throughout countless lifetimes has been stripped bare.

It has through the Illion Chamber in the Asharem Temple of Light that I was to regain all my Soul memories and forgotten knowledge of infinite past lives.

The Enlightened masters within this temple brought to me an Etheric artifact that will allow me to remember my Soul journey for each of my incarnations from now on. This artifact will allow no life to be wasted and no incarnation to fall to illusion. It will bring forever full awareness of my immortal self, knowledge and memory.

I believe that this artifact has also been known as the Grail.

The Asharem Temple of Light exists both inside time and space and outside time and space.

This contradiction is kept in perfect balance and forms the middle path.

Within the walls of the Temple a lower adept can access planes of higher consciousness which would on the physical earth plane require one hundred thousand years of deep meditation.

The Higher adepts can access planes of consciousness where time stands still eternally and in doing so access Enlightenment that is timeless.

Chambers exist were Nirvana can be entered and experienced then remembered and accessed through the physical body on the earth plane.

Lower disciples are taught and guided to experience higher levels of consciousness and divine light through the use of the Chambers of Light . The process of attuning to higher and higher levels of light brings one to the highest levels of Enlightenment.

Each meditation in a chamber of light is as if one meditated for one hundred thousand years. One will actually see and feel the years passing by. Countless lifetimes of Karma can be purified. Spiritual evolution is immensely accelerated beyond anything that is known on the physical earth plane. On return to the physical earth plane however it is as if but a moment has passed.

This is how so many Enlightened beings have been able to attain Enlightenment within their lifetime – through accessing the timeless planes.

The illusions and allure of the material world drop away completely and the pure path of the Soul and the Higher Self are revealed.

The disciple trains within such ancient rooms and palaces of such beauty that nothing on the physical world can compare.

The presence of these realities is more real than anything that can be experienced on the physical world because the consciousness is awake on so many more levels.

To spend hundreds of thousands of years training in these places of power and beauty diminishes the ego on the physical earth plane. For after training in such places of divine beauty and joy nothing on the physical earth plane will tempt the senses anymore.

As the disciple advances in skill they are able to access higher planes, beyond what this universe would even call time and space.

Within each successively higher plane, higher level Enlightened masters and adepts are found.

Throughout all the levels of the Temple one may find at any time Devas, Arahats, Enlightened Beings, Angels and Ascended masters.

The one discerning principle that they all share is service to the light – that is service that brings Enlightenment for all that have made it to this place.

It is possible that the temple exists within different forms for different beings, however for myself it is a temple hewn of perfect stone.

There is no limit to its size, I have walked its hallways and found endless chambers, studies and halls and met with countless masters. Yet finding ones way is astoundingly simple. I have never once been lost. I simply think of exactly where I need to be and I am there.

When I first entered the temple I asked if this was my mental projection of the Akashic records, I was informed that it was not.

The temple because it exists both within time and space, yet also outside of time and space is able to hold knowledge and teaching that is outside the Akashic records.

This is seemingly impossible within this universe, however the Temple of Light exists not only in this universe but within others and so it transcends the Akashic records.

I now understand that this is congruent with Enlightenment for absolute Enlightenment stands outside of the laws of this universe and all universes.

The Temple is a multi-universal construct that stands both within and outside time and space.

It holds the timeless teachings as they must be applied through all dimensions within this universe and within many other universes also.

I have been asked to share this information here because for some it will trigger an ancient memory and purpose.

It will feel immediately right in some way or form.

If it does it is because your Karma has led you to learn from within the Temple of Light in some way.

All those that work for the light have had some influence of service within the Temple in the trillions of life times that they have been in existence.

Your consciousness if it has the memory of the temple will recognize even if the intellect does not.

There was a time where many human beings on earth studied within the temple, however in the last 5000 years this has diminished greatly.

Many beings have moved on from this planet however of the ones that remain, many have forgotten.

The potential exists within many of incarnated humans to remember once more and to regain their memory and true purpose.

Then this physical life will be as if waking from a dream.

It will be seen then that this physical life is a mere blink of the eye amongst an infinite and immortal life.

They will remember fully the journey and the purpose that their Soul has been undertaking since the beginning of their existence.

This sacred Temple of Light has existed for as long as the path of Enlightenment has existed.

It exists as a place so that all beings may learn and return to their place on the path of Light.

It brings to their consciousness the most important factor for spiritual growth – full memory of where their soul has been, the knowledge that they have understood up until now and reunion with their teachers, students, masters and other walkers of the path throughout millennia.

It allows to meet again and study with Enlightened beings, Buddhas, Ascended Masters and to gain sacred teachings and knowledge.

If this path if is within your Karma then it will be apparent to you now that this is a calling that has always been for you.

If this call meets with a sacred part of your mind then you will know that you have been here before.

Be ready to remember.


Eme Tulko


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