The Divine Beauty of Aksharadham Temple

The holy Aksharadham Temple is situated in Delhi, beside the banks of the river Yamuna; it is very famous for its amazing Architecture. It is managed and run by a huge trust as it is really tough to mange such a huge temple and manage all the resource and keeping the place tidy. It has be noted as the largest Hindu Temple in the whole world by the famous Guinness World Record.

The value of this temple is estimated to be around Rs 200 Crore (or $2 billion); this sandstone cultural complex is spread over 100 acres of land, which displays the grandeur of our history, art and culture.

You can find the world’s biggest yagna kund, called as the “Yagnapurush Kund,” which is built in the perfection of geometry, proving to us the advanced knowledge in mathematics and geometry the Indians had. When you are visiting the Aksharadham Temple make sure you visit it by evening as you would feel that the temple comes to life due to the magnificent lighting effects provided to it, and it is an ideal choice for the photographers.

During night time the center arises to life with a beautiful colorful musical fountain, exactly at the same time Vedic rhymes start echoing and filling everyone’s heart. This architecture was built with 11,000 workers, with more than 300 million hours of service.

You should not forget to view the audio animatronics show at the Hall of Values where the life portrait of the great Bhagwan Swaminarayan is shown in fiber optics, lights with amazing sound effects. These amazing effects will mesmerizing you and take you to the ancient 18th century, and at the exit you will be cheered by the colorful matrix of the fountain that brings a chill in the atmosphere.

Aksharadham Temple is the biggest and the most complicated religious place of worship which is ever constructed, this amazing monument has been built without steel, it is completely made up of sandstone and marble. This architecture has 234 beautifully carved pillars with 9 domes, 20 quadrangle shikhars and spectacular stone elephants and 20,000 idols; it has the statues of India’s greatest saints and devotees.


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