Wonderful Episodes of Temples That Were Protected and Saved During Muslim Invasion

Hindu Gods are very many. Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma etc. Shiva is destroyer. Vishnu is protector. Brahma is creator. And there is Goddess Devi, worshipped as Kali, Bhavani etc.

The atheists usually ask when there are so many Gods why not Hindu’s temples were not protected during Muslim invasion?

God’s ways are inscrutable. Let us go through some historical incidents.

Swami Vivekananda once went to Kshir Bhavani temple in Kashmir. The famous temple was in a dilapidated condition. Swamiji was very upset on seeing the condition of the temple. He mused within himself that this famous temple should not have met this state and calls for renovation.

Suddenly he heard a clear and commanding female voice, “I want to stay in such a state of the temple at My Will. Could not I get a huge temple constructed here if I so wished? What do you think in your mind? Do you protect me or I protect thee?”

Swamiji was stunned and later told this episode to his disciples on return to Kolkata.

Let us go back in time to Malik Kafur’s time. He was a famous general of Alauddin Khilji. He attacked Madurai and destroyed parts of the famous Meenakshi Temple. On his way back he was passing through Thirupparankundram.

Thirupparankundram is situated 5 miles from Madurai. It is one of the famous six abodes of Lord Muruga.

On seeing the temple tower at Thirupparankundram Malik kafur ordered his men to demolish the temple tower.

The soldiers assembled in front of the tower. At that moment one mason by name chitthan climbed over the temple tower.

From the top he jumped down. Dashing the ground his skull was broken into hundreds of pieces and blood was flowing like a stream.

On seeing this sudden sacrifice the soldiers trembled and out of fear they ran away from the temple.

And Malik kafur returned. Thus the temple was saved.

We may cite hundreds of episodes like this regarding Hindu temples.

One more incident from the pages of history.

After the demise of Firoze Shah Tughlak, Taimur Lang reached the banks of Ganga, once. He reached the famous shrine Haridwar. He also demolished several temples on the way.

On reaching Haridwar Taimur looted the city.There was a Bairava temple n ear Mayadevi temple in Haridwar. While he struck the image of Lord Bairava, suddenly hundreds of snakes and scorpions appeared on the scene.

On seeing so many snakes and scorpions at a time, the army of Taimur felt highly terrified and started fleeing from the temple site.

The temple was saved without any damage.

If the history of Hindu temples in India is compiled, thousands of real incidents will surprise us. As we know God’s ways are inscrutable, the devotees were inspired to save the temples sacrificing their lives. Sometimes by Lord’s divine sports, snakes and scorpions were also played a role.

Many temples have their own stories of miraculous escape from evil forces.


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