Narasimha jharna Swamy Temple, Bidar, Karnataka, India

About Narasimha jharna swamy Temple

 The famous cave temple enshrines the powerful deity Lord Narasimha on the wall at the end of a cave,and it is an architectural wonder. It is believed that the shrine at Narasimha Jheera Cave Temple is a swayambu (self-manifested) roopam. A perennial stream of water is said to be flowing continuously for hundreds of years in this place. It is a thrilling experience to walk through waist deep water for 300 meters through a cave-like tunnel, to seek a view of Lord Narasimha. It is one of the main attractions of Bidar. 

It is said  that, Lord Narasimha after killing Hiranyakashpu, proceeded to kill a demon named Jalasura. Jalasura was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva. After he was killed by Lord Narasimha, Jalasura turns into water starts flowing from Lord’s feet. And to this day water keeps flowing from lord’s feet and fills the cave. 


So, to reach the lord we will have to wade through a 300 feet long cave, with water about 4 feet deep. Bats hanging from the cave’s ceiling add to the thrill. Lighting and ventilation have been recently installed. The water is a little muddy, since it is flowing water it is not uncomfortable to walk through it.

There is a water fountain outside the temple, in which people bath before entering the cave. 

At the end of the cave we have Lord Narasimha and also the Shiva linga which Jalasura was worshiping. Since water is not crystal clear, we cannot see the ground. Also, there is lot of bats which keep flying and some ants floating. But, none of them does any harm! We have to wade through the water for 350 meters to reach till the lord.

How to reach

BY Air – There is no airport in bidar.The nearest airport is Begumpet international airport (132 kms from Hyderabad)

By Train -At a distance of 5 km from Bidar Railway Station

By Road – via Hydrabad Bus Station approximately 110km

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